Friday, March 14, 2008

I couldn't agree more. A bunch of lazy wussies, that's what we are.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Man, this seemed like a great idea. What the hell happened? We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

"She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."

Monday, October 06, 2003

Well, it's been a while, but we have all recovered from Isabel, for the most part anyway. I've done something that I haven't done in a long time . . . I bought a Farmer's Almanac. Feels like consulting the Horoscope, truth be told. Anyway, Mr. Farmer says that we're going to have a rougher winter than last year. I tend to believe him. Last week it was in the 40's at night and even dropped into the 30's one night. So here's my question: Last year we received like over 60" of snow. This spring and summer over 60" of rain. If we have another winter of prolific snow, doesn't that blow the whole 'Global Warming' gig out the window?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Ya'll be careful out there. We wouldn't want the Back Porch to wash away now would we? Be on the lookout for a plane floating in on Friday or Saturday with your Dad on it. He will be there over the weekend until probably Tuesday. Not that we want a hurricane, but it sure would be nice to have a little rain out here in sunny, weird, California. The best thing about CA is the new little family member. This Grandma thing has to be the best invention ever!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So John, are y'all about to get hurricaned? Is it headed your way? Have you put plywood over your windows and refreshed your Y2K food stockpile? Tell us all about it, you know, if you have time.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Anyone ever had their car stolen? Well I have....twice. About a month ago, we got back from a trip to AR and returned to find my husbands 91 toyota pick up had been stolen. It was such a sad feeling. This was the truck I had gotten when I was 15 and drove all through college. But they recovered it. At a $85 charge to us for the impoundment. So things were good.

Until, Wednesday morning.

Ben teaches at a high school and was leaving to go to work. We said our usual byes. Then 30 seconds later he came back in. "Your not going to believe this" "What" "They stole the toyota again." Our Complex has been hit really hard this summer by car theft. An astronomical amount. But this morning they called "We found your truck and you can pick it up. And bring the $85 too." I am really getting tired of these charges. That's 170$!!!

This make me want to get a gun and if I ever get to catch these son's a bitches, I'd like to just shoot them. Not really to kill them but just to stop them long enough till the police could come and slap them in jail.

Can you believe this?! I couldnt. The first time I was sad. This time I was MAD!!

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